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August 11th, 2010

10:40 pm: Oyster Travel Cards
If you have guest coming to visit and they want to know which Oyster cards to get, here is what I have learnt.

There are no paper travel cards any more, but you can one day, 7 day or monthly travel cards. The one day travel card is the same price as the price cap on a pay as you go oyster, and so is useless. The 7 day travel card (for zones 1-3) is definately worth it for tourists. If you do more than 11 journeys in a 7 day period then it's paid off. Even if you only travel for 4 of those 7 days, but do 8 Zone 1-3 journeys, and 5 Zone 1 journeys, then it pays off.

April 28th, 2010

09:02 am: Life update

These days I'm mostly: working, parenting, trying to organise a house move, and learning a bit of wordpress.

Current Location: 51.517899, -0.081779

April 18th, 2010

08:35 pm: Election advice
Well I didn't expect that:

Take the Who Should You Vote For? UK General Election quiz

Liberal Democrat21
UK Independence-15

Your recommendation: Green

Click here for more details about these results


But on http://votematch.org.uk I came out closest to the Liberal Democrats!

January 18th, 2010

09:21 pm: Confused by Visa
I've got two different Visa cards by two different financial institutions. They both use 'Verified by Visa' which makes online shopping 'safer' by getting you type a password into an iframe embedded into a webpage that you are not even sure uses SSL.

If that wasn't bad enough I've found that I need to use a completely different password for both cards. One needs:

  • "You must select a password between 8-15 characters, which includes at least two digits and one letter." And the other asks for

  • "Your Verified by Visa Password should be 6 to 10 characters long, and can be any combination of letters and numbers that includes at least 1 number and 1 letter. It cannot include any other characters or spaces."

The difference in number of digits I can live with, but a maximum length of 10 characters! What are they thinking! pete23 I hold you responsible for that one.


December 16th, 2009

04:27 pm: The highlights of my day have been dropping a shitty nappy face down on the floor and having a baby be sick all over my neck. Gotta love em

December 13th, 2009

03:45 pm: Client's Christmas [p|d]o
Was going to go to my clients Christmas party on Thurday. It was just for the IT dept which is a bad sign to start with. In end I had a dodgy tummy and didn't go in that day. Turns out I did well. Cheapest Christmas Party Ever was perhaps the nicest title it was given.

Got my employers do tomorrow. Should be a lot better, if only because partners are invited, but also because the food should be (near) top notch.



December 4th, 2009

03:41 pm: Today Sofia asked me a question on the phone for the first time. "Do da doin'? Daddy? Do da doin'?". So nice!

December 1st, 2009

04:02 pm: Urmass Secret Santa
This is just for those going to Urmas II.

Urmassers, enter you name if you want to be included in secret santa. Those that don't want to be in, no need to do anything.

Poll #1492933 Who wants to be in Urmass secret santa? Just for Urmassers!

Enter your name if you want to be include secret santa.

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